Sunday, February 24, 2013

walking lessons

About two weeks ago, Joshua started trying to take steps.  He took two steps towards me twice and then did not do anything for another week and a half.  I was not surprised, sometimes he discovers something he can do and then does not try it again for a long time.  At 6 months he pulled himself up to a stand 3 times, and then did not do it again for 2 weeks.  He always gets back to discovering things when he is ready.

On Tuesday, he started taking 2 steps and then body slamming me when I was on the floor.  It was very exciting and at times painful. The next day he started taking 2-4 steps and the following day 4-8 steps. He definitely has a long way to go before walking is his primary mode of transportation but the learning has begun. I am sure it won't take that long to get there.

While I have watched this process this week I have had a lot of different thoughts. When he attempts to walk, whether it is a success or a failure, I clap and cheer for him (which might be why his favorite thing is to walk to my legs and scream in excitement). As the cheering throughout the day has increased, I wonder if it is ever going to get old watching him learn how to do new things.  There are so many more things to learn throughout his life.

I decided I want to always be excited by his learning process and celebrate attempts even if they result in failures as well as successes.  I want to not get sick of celebrating new things.  I want to be excited when he learns how to drive a car.

Then I wondered if God is always excited by us trying new things. I wonder if it never gets old to celebrate with us. I wondered if my Father stands around clapping when I take a risk and try something new. I wonder if He is proud that I am trying and is okay that I fall. I wonder if while I am learning new things if He wants me to walk to His feet,  scream in delight and get picked up...especially when I fall.

Joshua is learning to walk...I am learning to see God in new ways.  We are both on an adventure.

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